Tools and workplace: Tailor-made!

Tools and workplace: Tailor-made!


Where can you find a transport cart tailored to your product? Who can draw and make a suitable work table for you? You can not find work materials that are suitable for your workplace?: smoking room, trolley, shelter, collection box, tipping trailer, ...?

steel tanksteel frame

industrial staircase

Solution: Deufol customization:
- Metal transport carts, transport frames. Designed for your products, your workplaces and workflows.
- Work tables for all types of work. In warehouses, workshops, joinery .... Tailor-made and equipped with what you need: electricity, compressed air ... Tiltable, adjustable in height.
- sump trays, waste containers, tipping trailers, timber trolleys, transport carts, mobile work tables, ...
- Painted or galvanized.
- Measurement, drawing, design, production, installation, repair, maintenance, replacement ... we do it all! 100% according to your wishes.

industrial table

- Fully tailored to your needs.
- Long lifespan.
- Allows you to work smoothly, safely and ergonomically.
- Drawing available, adaptations possible.
- Maintenance and repairs possible.

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