Production services

Production services

In our workshop we produce a wide variety of things.

Deufol TECHNICS features a well-equipped workshop with the most modern machines. Our team of experienced welders allows for the assembly of various types of industrial plants, such as stairs, landings, handrails ... Our workshop with modern machinery is designed to also deliver serial welding.

Our welders are active not only in our workshops, but also effectively usable on the move.

On our CNC Plasma Cutting Machine we cut smoothly steel up to 30 mm thick. We can produce high quality work pieces, individually or in series, and this in a very short time.

You can rely on our design office to let make drawings. You can also send your drawings in DXF format. We ensure a quick handling.

For the bending of metal you are at the right place. On our 175 ton bending machine folds we all workpieces up to 3 meters wide.

The metal structures are produced in our workshop. We also have an electrostatic paint spray booth with an advanced suspension system so that we are able to spray large amounts in one cycle. Workpieces up to 10 meters fit easily into our spray booth.

All structures can be installed by our technicians.


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