Industrial moving services, assembly, disassembly.

We move your entire company. Quickly and efficiently.

You have to move a machine. To the neighboring hall or the other side of the world. You want to disassemble and keep a production line. So you have to pack and store it properly. You do not know how to handle this?

Trust Deufol's industrial relocation service. Dismantling, packaging, transportation, re-assembling, We will arrange it for you. Fast, reliable and efficient.

DEUFOL TECHNICS is your partner for your industrial relocations. Machines, production lines, entire installations or parts of them. Internal move or external move. Both at home and abroad.

Whether it concerns one machine or a complete set of production lines: we offer you a "Turn key" moving service. This starts with measuring the installation, and discussing all details, plans and guidelines that you have for us. Then we proceed to disassembly and packaging. If you want, we also organize the transport and any customs declarations that might be needed. Does the project have a delay? Then we store everything until the time is right. And ultimately we take care of the delivery and assembly  of the installation at the new location. You can start up again, together with us, or not. "Turn key"!

You want to be constantly informed? This is possible: We keep you updated on every step. With our digital solution "Deufol Photodocu" you follow the move through photos of every crucial step. With "Deufol Connected Pack Control" we monitor the whole trip through trackers that report the current status of your cargo.

Every project is surrounded with the greatest care. And you, you get the info you want.

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Industrial removals

Industrial moving services, assembly, disassembly.

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