Tailored work platform

Tailored work platform


In order to work smoothly and safely around your machines, you need the right, tailor-made facilities: stairs, platforms, elevations, safety guards ...You want to gain space, with a second floor on your work floor. A custom platform, with the right accesses and handrails.

Solution: Deufol steel structures made to measure:
- Platforms that make a safe 2nd floor. Includes handrails, stairs and other accesses. 100% tailored to your building.
- Steel structures around, between and above your machines and production lines. Increase, stairs, workbenches, guards, ...
- This is all steel work made to measure, 100% accurate and tailored to your needs. Designed by us, together with you. Welding and pre-assembly at Deufol. Finishing and final assembly at your site.
- Metal structures, combined with what is needed: plastic, metal plate or even wooden floors. Finished as desired: painting, electroplating, powder coating.
- Maintenance & repair ?: no problem!

- 100% customization, appropriate for your situation.
- You gain space.
- You only need production? Or you also want design and installation? You choose what suits you best!
- You realize productivity and safety gains.

or send an email to Belgium@deufol.com

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