Steel Transport Skid

Steel Transport Skid


How to safely move a heavy machine without damaging it? How do you lift, transport and ship an installation while protecting the soil? How to fix industrial reels for transport?

Solution: Deufol Breakbulk steel skid:

- A steel bottom (skid) tailored to the installation and the route.
- Our design and strength calculation are tailored to the machine. No overdimensioning, no damage due to a too weak design. 100% Fitted!
- The floor is adapted for the manipulations that are going to happen: hoisting eyes and guides for hoisting, plug-in profiles for forklift trucks, ...
- We also make the suited bottom for large, heavy rolls, reels and pipes. Designed to anchor on the bottom so that transport can be done safely.
- Galvanized or painted for longer lifespan, in option.
- Tailor-made for your products and transport. Either by road, rail, water or air.
- Perfect for heavy machines, long transport with lots of overloading, breakbulk transportation.
- Can be combined with wooden floor and / or box. Can be combined with other packaging techniques such as ALU foil or VCI foil.
- Would you like it reusable? Then we take this into account in the design phase.

- Sufficiently firm and yet tailor-made. So appropriate. No unnecessary costs for materials & transport.
- Design 100% tailored to the machine or installation. Any shape, weight or size.
- Perfect for round, tubular shapes, reels and the like.
- Reusable

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