Mechanical Design & Engineering

We look for the right solution for your problem.

Your products, buildings and installations, your machines and internal goods flows: You want to organize, pack, move and install everything the best way possible. Standardized solutions usually do not exist, or are far from optimal. So you need a tailor-made solution. How to start with that?

Deufol has the expertise to work out the solution for you and with you!

From a complete platform over a screen to a small machine component. A transport cart, a collection bin or a supporting structure? We design it according to your needs, according to your wishes. In steel, but also in steel combined with other materials.

We design that for and with you. We look at optimization in all areas: material cost, ease of use, safety, lifespan, protection of your product against damage.

We use the necessary design software, for 3D design and strength calculation (Inventor) or 2D Design for layout and mapping of goods flows and storage capacities on your work floor (AutoCad).

If necessary, we make a strength calculation so that we guarantee an optimal and safe design.

Continuous improvement through customization. That is what we stand for. We look at the complete picture: Your products, your goods flows, the layout of your workshop, your machines ... And then we look for the best solution for your situation! Improvement proposals. included!

And what we design ... we also realize that. From production to installation. Check out some projects here:

industrial design

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Mechanical Design & Engineering

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