Steel frames & machine move

Move and store goods smoothly and without damage? Safe workshops with perfectly protected installations? Our custom-made steel is the solution! From component to complete assembly. From design and production to installation and maintenance. 3D drawing and strength calculation. We do it for you, with you!

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Mechanical Design & Engineering

Are you looking for a customized packaging for your product? A trolley, a foreclosure or steel structure appropriate for your machine or workshop? You will probably not find it for sale. A suitable combination of all of this: not at all! We design that for and with you. According to what you need. 100% customized. And achievable!

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Production: custom Steelwork

You know what you need. You have a design, a drawing, an idea. From a steel structure, a safety fence, a transport cart, a machine part ... whatever. Come to Deufol to have it made! We produce what you need. 100% Tailored to your needs. Accurate, precise, fast and in high quality! From idea over design to realization. Deufol does it for and with you!

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Industrial moving services, assembly, disassembly.

You have to move a machine. To the neighboring hall or the other side of the world. You want to disassemble and keep a production line. So you have to pack and store it properly. You do not know how to handle this? Trust Deufol's industrial relocation service. Disassembly, packaging, transport, build-up. We arrange it for you.

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Industrial projects & maintenance services

Looking for a suitable partner for maintenance and assembly? Then we can certainly make the difference. Installation, conversion, moving or maintenance? From your machines, steel structures or your workshop? DEUFOL is your reliable partner. Both for project work and for maintenance. Both independently and under the leadership of your maintenance team.

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Examples engineering

Take a look at some of the achievements of our technical team and find out what Deufol can do for you.

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