Industrial packaging

Industrial packaging

• We pack your airfreight and maritime cargo

• We can also vacuum-pack your goods

• We have a solution for every packing need


We have a solution for every packing need and provide customized solutions for all types of transport in accordance with international packing guidelines. 

Your goods need protective packaging that can withstand rain, humidity, seawater, temperature fluctuations, different climate zones, bad transport conditions and much more. 

For protection against these elements the goods can be wrapped in PE foils, VCI foils and sealed in aluminum vacuum covers in combination with dehumidifiers to guarantee high quality packing and the cargo arrives at the end receiver in perfect condition.

For fragile goods and those especially with integrated electronic parts, an extra inner packing can be used.

We use optimized foils and extra protection according to the needs and challenges the goods face during transport, transshipment and storage.

Perfection in protection to guarantee safe and high quality delivery nearby or on the other side of the world.


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