Line item check

Line item check

When control of cargo is essential.

Deufol has built up comprehensive and in-depth experience in this specific activity over the years. This add-on service delivers a positive advantage for our customers. 

When discrepancies are discovered prior to the packing or dispatching of the cargo, these non-conformities can be resolved with the help of the vendor and or supplier before they are shipped.  

This avoids missing items at destination, repairs that cannot take place on time or material that has to be shipped urgently by more expensive air transport. 

We physically check every part of your line items for discrepancies in quality or quantity before they are shipped to the final destination. We check part numbers, conservation and visual aspects, documents, etc.

This line item check helps improve efficiency and to avoid unnecessary supply chain costs, such as:  

• Increased lead times and project delays 

• Goods that cannot be exported, 

• Import duties that have been paid for the wrong cargo


Our own 'part-of-monitor' labeling guarantees uniform identification and communication with all suppliers.

• We are connected with our customers online by our ERP System

• We can identify and locate all goods at any time

• You receive full inventory lists made to your requirements.


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