Customs formalities. Customs declarations for import, export, transit and bonded warehouses.

International trade and cargo flows across EU borders involve customs formalities.

Proper customs declarations are a necessity for a company with international goods flows. 

Regulations change regularly, making it difficult to stay up-to-date. Staff has to be retrained. 

Errors in your customs declarations lead to fines and delays. Delays lead to dissatisfied customers, additional costs or delayed projects.

Avoid problems with customs. 

Allow Deufol to manage your customs formalities.

We are not only strong in export packaging and storage, but can also take care of customs formalities for you. Both in our maritime hub for seaworthy packing in Antwerp, and at Brucargo, where we consolidate and pack for air cargo.

Thanks to our long-term experience, the necessary customs permits and the right partners, we can take care of the customs formalities for you.

We make the needed agreements with customs offices, we take care of the correct customs declarations for your imports, exports and transit.  We manage your goods in a customs warehouse, including all customs declarations and stock records related to the warehouse.

We support you in your customs management, so that you can optimise your international cargo flows in terms of customs.

We are comprehensively licensed for all kinds of customs procedures in most of our sites, such as:

  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO full) authorisation.
  • Bonded warehouse licence for storage under customs procedures.
  • A loading and unloading authorisation for the smooth handling of customs movements.

Improve your customs management. Come and talk about your customs formalities and what Deufol can do for you!

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Customs formalities. Customs declarations for import, export, transit and bonded warehouses.

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