We supply you with packaging and packaging materials

Manufacturing packaging and packaging materials for industrial goods.

Getting your product to its destination undamaged and on time. This is a challenge that should not be underestimated. The right package protects your goods during transport, and is a packaging that complies with the applicable standards and legislation.

Do you have insufficient knowledge of packaging design, packaging guidelines & packaging materials? But you have to or want to pack your goods yourself (e.g. in your production department)?

Deufol designs, produces and supplies the right packaging for your goods.

Deufol designs and produces the packaging for you. Tailor-made to the product and transport. Deufol delivers the packaging to you so that you only have to pack the product.

We look at your goods, and which requirements the packaging has to meet. Based on the transport requirements and the characteristics of your goods, we choose or design packaging that is tailored to your product down to the last detail.

You can rely on us for standard wooden packaging, tailor-made packaging and all kinds of packaging materials. From a standard wooden crate over a multiplex wooden crate with protective mousse and moisture-resistant foil to a reusable transport packaging composed of metal and wood with lifting eyebolts.

A wide range of Deufol industrial packaging and export packaging. For air freight, sea freight, road freight and rail transport.

Below a selection out of our range of industrial packaging. You can turn to Deufol for:

  • Wooden boxes and crates
  • OSB boxes
  • Plywood boxes

Deufol wooden crate for export ISPM15Deufol OSB box tailor-made ISPM 15Deufol plywood box ISPM 15Deufol OSB boxes for stuffing in shipping container

  • Cardboard packaging
  • Hazardous goods packages
  • Boxes in concrete plywood
  • Waterproof export boxes
  • Wooden skids

Deufol boxes for dangerous goodsDeufol waterproof export boxes solid wood ISPM 15Deufol wooden floor for transport of heavy goods ISPM15Deufol wooden transport skid stackable ISPM15

  • (reusable) Steel transport frames, e.g. for heavy goods
  • Wooden boxes and skids with dimensions suitable for transport in sea containers
  • Wooden beddings for oval and round goods
  • Wooden saddles for goods that need to be supported

Deufol steel stackable container tailor-madeDeufol steel transport frame reusableDeufol reusable transport and storage frameDeufol steel transport structure for breakbulk drums

Where necessary, we provide additional features:

  • Packaging with corrosion protection via a VCI foil or an ALUMINIUM foil combined with desiccant
  • Boxes with vibration damping
  • Boxes with extra supports on the inside so that your product remains well supported
  • Transport boxes with lashing straps so that your product does not move during transport
  • Boxes with a protective mousse inside to prevent damage to your product
  • Boxes with dividers inside for packing and stacking several products
  • Packages with shock indicator or tilt indicator
  • Packaging with humidity indicator
  • Packaging with monitoring of position (tracking), temperature, humidity, shock and light
  • Packaging with insulation (thermal insulation) and heating (electric heating)
  • Packaging with inspection windows, packaging with access hatches
  • Packages with steel reinforcement profiles and attachment points for hoisting and lifting

Deufol ISPM15 box with aluminium foil and lashing strapsDeufol wooden floor with shrink film packagingDeufol wooden box with protective mousse

The advantages of buying your industrial packaging from Deufol:

  • Cost savings: you save on the purchase and stock of packaging materials.
  • Simplicity: 1 supplier, 1 contact...
  • You save on storage space: we deliver according to your schedule. Just-in-time delivery is possible.
  • Saving on personnel costs: no personnel costs to produce packaging, purchasing and managing packaging materials
  • Certainty of high-quality, professionally produced and cost-efficient packaging.
  • Certain that your packaging is suitable for transport (packaging for sea freight, air freight packaging, packaging for road and rail transport) and in accordance with international standards and regulations (such as ISPM 15).
  • You do, however, keep the finishing touches to your packaging.

Do you need solid and reliable packaging for your industrial product?

Call us: +32 (0)3 488 21 92

Mail us: belgium@deufol.com

We supply you with packaging and packaging materials

Industrial packaging: trust the Deufol packaging experts!

You have an industrial product. Unique, high-quality. Robust or fragile. Heavy or large. That product must be transported from A to B in perfect condition and on schedule? Maybe to the other side of the world? At Deufol we understand that your unique product requires a unique packaging solution. Our packaging experts provide the right solution. The right industrial packaging tailored to your product and the transport route.

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Deufol packs your industrial goods. Professionally. Reliably.

Have your industrial goods packaged by a packaging specialist. Have your goods packed at Deufol. We provide professional, reliable, cost-conscious packaging for your industrial products. You save space, time, costs ... and headaches.

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Industrial packaging by Deufol at your site

Have your industrial goods packaged by a packaging specialist. Have them packed by Deufol. At your company. We provide professional, reliable, cost-conscious packaging for your industrial products. According to a service level agreement exactly the way you want it. You save time, money ... and you avoid headaches.

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Industrial packing on location

Industrial packaging on site: The Deufol mobile packaging teams pack your goods at the quay in the port, at the airport, or in companies or warehouses. With the right packaging materials, the right tools, expertise and organisation.

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Packaging for large industrial goods. (Breakbulk)

Do you have goods that need to be shipped protectively, but don't fit in a sea container or truck? We provide a tailor-made solution! We pack your large industrial goods so that they can be transported and handled without suffering any damage.

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Packing of exceptional objects: works of art, antiques, vintage furniture, classic cars, racing cars ...

Deufol packs art & antiques, vintage furniture, paintings and sculptures. Oldtimers, vintage motorbikes and racing cars. Test cars or prototypes and demonstration models. Professional, reliable and tailored to your valuable piece and the transport route!

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Dangerous goods

Handling and packaging dangerous goods requires specific skills, knowledge and trained personnel. Deufol specialises in packaging all classes of dangerous goods in accordance with European & UN regulations (for packaging radioactive substances, we rely on specialist partners).

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Verified Gross Mass for Container Export

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Container stuffing

Does your cargo need to be shipped in a container? Then entrust us your goods to ensure safe and fast container loading.

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We pack in a secure and safe way according to international packing standards and ISPM 15 regulations.

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Examples of industrial packaging

we have produced a great deal of packaging throughout the years. Take a look at some examples of our previous projects and find out what Deufol can do for you!

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