Verified Gross Mass for Container Export

Verified Gross Mass for Container Export

Do you want to ship a sea container? Then you need a  VGM certificate. Only in this way  you comply with the VGM- and SOLAS regulations and your freight will not be refused at the port.

Deufol in Lier can weigh your container and issue a valid VGM certificate.

VGM stands for Verified Gross Mass and SOLAR for Safety Of Life At Sea. A correct VGM is necessary for further safe handling of sea freight. Without a valid VGM certificate your container will be refused at the port. So: you need a correct VGM certificate, or your container will not go aboard the ship. With all  consequences: Your export will be delayed, your customer will not be delivered on time. You lose money and customers.

That weighing can take place in the port of departure, but this leads to extra waiting times and thus costs. Deufol Lier is VGM-certified. We can stuff your sea container and weigh it on our calibrated scale. And we can of course also pack your products  the right way. You receive a valid certificate and can offer your freight without worries or waiting times in the port.

sea freight container stuffing

Deufol Lier is close to (and on route to) the port of Antwerp, but outside traffic jams. Valid certificate, no traffic jams, no waiting times, no worries. Trust Deufol for your export.


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