Packaging for large industrial goods. (Breakbulk)

Packaging for large industrial goods. (Breakbulk)

Do you have goods that need to be transported protectively, but don't fit in a sea container or truck?  We provide a tailor-made solution! We pack your large industrial goods so that they can be transported and handled without suffering any damage. 

We pack your goods for air freight, road freight, rail freight and maritime freight. Tailor-made for transport, in other words.

industrial packaging wooden skid  export packaging wooden box

And also tailored to your product! Do your goods need protective packaging that can withstand rain, moisture, seawater? Or should the packaging protect against temperature fluctuations, dirt, scratches, poor transport conditions or shocks? Deufol designs the packaging to suit your product and the route of travel!

packaging for breakbulk packaging heavy and large goods packaging design

To protect your goods against all these elements, during transport and storage, we use different packaging solutions, whether or not combined. Here are a few examples:

  • Wooden skids or loading ramps
  • Wooden boxes or crates 
  • Plywood boxes
  • OSB boxes
  • Where necessary enhanced with steel bottoms, structures and reinforcements to ensure damage free treatment
  • With identification and markings (such as delivery address, centre of gravity and stop points)
  • Protective foil: PE foil, Aluminum foil, VCI foil
  • If necessary combined with desiccant (dehumidifier) or vacuum packaging.
  • Possibly supplemented with vibration absorption, shock indication, full online monitoring (track & trace, temperature, humidity, vibrations...),...
  • Even insulation and heating can be added to the packaging.

In short: We pack your goods perfectly so that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. In accordance with international packaging guidelines (such as ISPM15, HPE, SEI, SOLAS,...).

breakbulk packaging wooden crate seaworthy packing plywood box

Perfection in protection to guarantee a safe and high quality delivery, nearby or on the other side of the world. 


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