Industrial packing on location.

Industrial packing on location.

Industrial packaging on site: Deufol comes to you.

Do you need to pack your industrial goods before they can be safely transported? On your premises? Or at your supplier? Or in an external warehouse?

Are your goods blocked due to damaged or incorrect packaging, requiring on-site inspection and repair? On a quay in a seaport? At an airfreight handler at the airport?  Elsewhere?

You don't have enough expertise, material and possibilities to carry out the packaging yourself? 

Then you need a mobile packaging company. Contact Deufol for industrial packaging on location. 

The Deufol mobile packaging teams pack your goods at the quay in the port, at the airport, or in a factory or warehouse. Wherever you are. With the right packaging materials, the right tools, know-how and organisation.

repackaging - packing at the airportpacking at the seaport

The Deufol mobile industrial packaging experts will come and pack your goods on site. Our packers bring the right packaging materials with them. Our mobile packaging teams are equipped with the tools needed for industrial packaging. We also arrange for extra equipment such as lifting and hoisting equipment and mobile cranes. And if necessary, we take care of the transport of the packed goods. With our own trucks or via our partners.

We have access to the quays in the port and we also have a VCA certificate that is required for access to many industrial sites.

packaging on company premisesdockside packagingmobile packaging company

The advantages are yours:

  • Optimisation (reduction) of transport costs (no transport to a packaging company required)
  • Shorter lead time for your projects by executing the packaging directly on location
  • Inspection after packaging, by customers or inspection bodies, can take place in your own production halls
  • Savings on space and costs for packaging materials, packaging equipment, packaging personnel.
  • Quick and appropriate response to emergency situations, such as on-site inspection and repair of packaging.
  • We know our job, the ports and the logistics world: smooth and reliable packaging by Deufol reduces the risk of disruptions to the further flow of your goods.
  • When exporting, you do not need an extra loading location for customs declarations.
  • Perfect for short-term packaging needs. 

In need of a mobile industrial packaging company? 


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