Industrial packaging: Trust the Deufol packaging experts!

Industrial packaging: Trust the Deufol packaging experts!

Your industrial product must be moved, in perfect condition, from A to B? At Deufol we understand that this requires a unique packaging solution. Our packaging experts provide the right solution: The right industrial packaging tailored to your product and the transport route.

Do you need standard export boxes for series products? Or customized packaging for heavy goods, sensitive electronics or machines? Or a series of customized packaging for the relocation of an entire industrial factory? Or packaging with preservation systems that keep your goods in perfect condition for a long time? For this, rely on Deufol. We do this with the power of a company with decades of experience and a global footprint.

Our industrial packaging engineers communicate with your team and ensure that we understand every aspect of your needs. This way, we design customized packaging that you need to achieve your goals.

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We design our packaging taking into account the climate and conditions to which your product is exposed during transport. We provide the appropriate preservation methods to ensure that your product remains in perfect condition. We also ensure that our packaging process meets the specific requirements of the destination country. Our packaging is ISPM-15 certified.

Whether your machine or product stays inland, is exported or is stored for a long time, let Deufol's experience be your asset.

We believe that your industrial packaging company must be a true partner, and that is what you get when you work with us. With decades of experience in various industries such as energy, automotive, manufacturing, machinery and health care, and with our locations around the world, we have the means to meet your needs. Let Deufol be your partner.

Come to Deufol for:

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  • Design and production of packaging
  • Packing of your goods at Deufol or at your company or elsewhere (With our Deufol mobile packaging teams)
  • Packaging of dangerous goods
  • Packaging of very heavy goods
  • Packaging of art, antiques & vintage
  • Reusable packaging and transport frames

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