Industrial packaging by Deufol at your site.

Industrial packaging by Deufol at your site.

Are you troubled with your export packaging?

Do your people lack the right knowledge? Are the costs of packaging materials rising? Do packaging errors lead to damage or delays in transport to your customers? Do you have insufficient staff to pack everything on time at peak periods?

Do you want the packaging to be more efficient, faster, cheaper and more reliable?

Do you have a shortage of staff and would you prefer to keep the focus on your production and assembly? But your product needs to be packed on your shop floor?

Then outsource your packaging to a packaging company. To Deufol. Deufol is an expert in packaging and logistics for industrial goods.

Deufol can pack your goods at your company. Completely independent and based on what you want us to do. That may be:

  • Receipt & inspection of your goods. Delivered by your own production or suppliers.
  • Storage & consolidation 
  • Design and use of appropriate (transport) packaging. For sea freight, air freight, road freight as well as rail transport.
  • Packaging, including eventual container stuffing, according to international standards.
  • Loading and transport organisation
overpack - packing materialexport packingpackaging companytransport packing - container stuffing

All kinds of additional services, such as:

  • Internal transport (picking up the goods from the production departments in your company),
  • disassembly and preparations prior to packaging
  • quality control
  • repackaging
  • assembly before packing
  • painting
  • labelling...

We provide a dedicated Deufol team on site, with additional manpower in case of peaks in activity. The on-site Deufol team is in direct contact with you and your employees. 

Deufol as a flexible in-house packaging company at your site.

You save on stock costs for packaging materials, labour costs & investment costs for equipment.

In addition, Deufol takes care of the right packaging design and efficient use of the right packaging materials, saving you on packaging and transport costs.

A good SLA (service level agreement) replaces your worries about packaging problems and ensures a straightforward budget, with a fixed packaging cost without surprises.

And important: You gain reliability. Deufol is an expert in industrial packaging. We ensure professional, efficient and cost-conscious packaging.

Interested in outsourcing your packaging to Deufol? 

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