Have your goods packed at Deufol.

Have your goods packed at Deufol.

Are you troubled with your export packaging? Do you lack space for the packaging of your goods? Do your people lack the right knowledge? Are the costs of packaging materials and work equipment rising? Do packaging errors lead to damage or delays in transport to your customers?

Are you looking to save space in your own facilities? Do you need more efficient, faster, cheaper and more reliable packaging? Are you short of staff and would you prefer to keep the focus on your production and assembly?

Then outsource your packaging to a packaging company. To Deufol. Deufol is an expert in packaging and logistics for industrial goods.

Deufol can manage and pack your goods. For example:

  • Receipt & inspection of your goods. Delivered from your own production or suppliers.
  • Safe storage & consolidation 
  • Design of the proper (transport) packaging. For sea freight, air freight, road freight as well as transport by rail.
  • Packaging, including eventual container stuffing, according to international standards.
  • Loading and transport organisation
  • All kinds of extra services, such as quality control, repackaging, assembly, painting, labeling,...

overpackexport packing

You make savings on space in your own facilities, on inventory costs for packaging materials, on labour costs & investment costs for equipment.

In addition, Deufol ensures the perfect packaging design and efficient use of the right packaging materials, saving you on packaging and transport costs.

And important: You gain reliability. Deufol is an expert in industrial packaging. We ensure professional, efficient and cost-conscious packaging.

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Safe buildings, the correct packaging materials and tools, the necessary knowledge and organisation: Your goods are in good hands at Deufol.

Interested in outsourcing your packaging to Deufol? 

or send an email to belgium@deufol.com



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