Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods

Handling and packing dangerous goods require specific capabilities, skills and certified staff.

 As internationally recognized agents we are certified and licensed to pack, handle, store, manipulate and declare dangerous goods. 

Deufol specializes in packing all classes of dangerous goods in accordance with European and UN regulations. Together with our partners we are able to handle all types and classes of dangerous goods.

- We ensure that goods are packed and labeled in conformity with regulations.

- Our certified staff can draw up required documents and certificates.

- Our staff receive intensive training and are fully up to speed with impending legislative changes

- All packing and declarations are adapted to the applicable international transport treaties and conventions:  RID code (rail), ADNR (inland shipping), ADR (road), IMDG code (marine) and IATA/ICAO (air freight).

                                        dangerous goods

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