How to pack... Taxidermy: a stuffed boar's head ?

Packaging of a stuffed boar's head for air freight.

Packaging of industrial goods for export. That's the Deufol core business. But we also pack art, antiques, vintage furniture and even animals.... alive and stuffed!

The Deufol packaging team at Brussels Airport recently packed a stuffed boar's head for export by air freight. A story of extreme fragility & precision.

Step 1: Measurement and packaging requirements.

Measuring the product to be packaged is always the first step. Measuring the stuffed boar's head was special, partly because the boar's head had to be supported. Based on the measurements, the size of the box and the design of the supporting interior were determined.
How to pack a stuffed animal for export?

Packing a stuffed animal in an ISPM 15 wooden case for export by airfreight

Step 2: Packing in the export case.

We made a case from plywood and full wood to the size of the boar's head. Sufficiently strong, ISPM 15 compliant and easy to transport with a forklift truck.

The customer asked for the boar's head to be packed hanging. For this purpose, we provided an extra timber beam, to which we attached the boar's head.


Step 3: Shock protection, sealing and marking.

The wooden box by itself did not protect the boar's head sufficiently. So the packaging team applied extra protective foam. Tailor-made for the head of the wild boar. The foam protects the wild boar head against shocks, abrasion and vibration during transport. 

The head hung firmly in the crate and was additionally supported by wooden beams with shock-absorbing foam. 

The box was closed with screws instead of nails, so that opening and closing could be done easily and without damage (e.g. during customs inspections).

The crate was marked with the necessary ISPM 15 and other markings.

Export packaging of a stuffed boarWooden ISPM15 export crate for air cargo

Ready for export by air freight! Thanks to the Deufol packing crew at Brussels Airport. Thanks to our customer APC Logistics Belgium!

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How to pack... Taxidermy: a stuffed boar's head ?

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