How to pack.... in a corrosion-protective seafreight packaging with aluminium foil?

How do you pack material that is sensitive to moisture? Material that you want to protect against corrosion? In this blog we explain how to do that with aluminium foil and desiccant, in an ISPM 15 compliant wooden export crate. Step by step.

  • Use a tailor-made wooden ISPM 15 pallet and cover it with 4 protective layers: 1. Cushioning packing mousse (PE foam foil) against scratches and vibrations 2. Deufol Aluminium foil (combination plastic - ALU) 3. Grease paper (prevents damage to the ALU foil) 4. Cushioning packing foam (double!).

Anti-corrosion packaging with aluminium foil

Deufol packaging company for industrial goods
  • Place the goods on the pallet and fix with screws.
  • Apply sufficient desiccant (calculate quantity according to volume).

Desiccant for corrosion protective packaging with aluminium foil

Use of shock absorbent packaging material
wrapping in stretch film for industrial packaging
  • If necessary, cover up uneven surfaces with vibration-damping material.
  • Wrap it all in stretch foil.

  • Produce a tailor-made cover from Deufol Aluminium foil and put it over the goods.
  • Seal (melt) the ALU cover airtight.

Corrosion protection packaging with aluminium foil cover
Airtight and moisture-resistant packing with aluminium foil
Deufol aluminium foil for anti-corrosion packaging
Deufol packaging in aluminium foil and ISPM 15 export case
  • Extract the air from the packaging, and seal the opening in the ALU foil.
  • Mount the wooden side walls (plywood panels with solid wood frame - ISPM 15 compliant and marked).

  • Fit an additional plywood board and solid wood beams (ISPM 15 compliant and marked) on top: To retain the goods on the floor, and to make the box sufficiently sturdy so that it is possible to stack on top of it.
  • Mount the lid.

Seaworthy export packaging ISPM 15 compliant

Marking of maritime export box made of ISPM 15 wood
Theft-proof export box for sea freight
  • Apply markings (incl. ISPM15).
  • Apply additional (customer specific demand) strapping & identifications.
  • We used screws to make it easy to open and close the transport box.

  • We use Deufol Supply Chain Solutions software for error-free packaging: By scanning the Deufol QR codes on packaging and goods, our packers make no mistakes.

Managing and packaging industrial goods with Deufol Supply Chain Software

Easily manage and share photos with Deufol Photodocumentation

Thanks to our industrial packaging team at Deufol Lier!

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How to pack.... in a corrosion-protective seafreight packaging with aluminium foil?

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