How to Pack a... cross country Jeep?

Packing of a Polaris cross country Jeep for air freight.

Our DEUFOL Brucargo team received a special packaging request: "Package a Polaris cross country Jeep so that it can be transported by air freight."

The packaging was special. Because the Jeep had to be fully protected against scratches, dents and paint damage. Because the packed Jeep had to be lifted and transported with the forklift. And especially because the Jeep had to be easily driven out of the packaging at destination.

Our industrial packers made this ingenious, safe and cost efficient packaging. According to the DEUFOL standard.

Step 1: the skid and ramp.

To be able to ship the vehicle, it was placed on a wooden floor. As it had to be easy to drive off again at its destination, the Deufol Brussels Airport packaging team built two wooden ramps and a wooden floor for the vehicle to ride on. Both comply with ISPM 15 so that worldwide export is not a problem. Space for the wooden ramps was provided in the wooden floor.
Export packaging with loading ramp for jeep

Cargo securing jeep in export crate for transport

Step 2: securing the vehicle.

An important step is securing the vehicle to the floor plate. Securing the load properly is an important condition for safe transport, and certainly for air cargo. Therefore, the Jeep was secured with straps at the front and rear. Extra wooden beams were placed in front and behind the wheels.

Steps 3 to 7: packing the Jeep for air freight.

During transport, your cargo is frequently moved and handled. In transit warehouses and during transport. We protected the vehicle against potential damage with the following packaging:

  • First, the team applied a protective mousse around the Jeep. 
  • Then everything was wrapped in black stretch film.
  • And around that came a sturdy wooden ISPM 15 certified crate. 
  • The crate was reinforced so that it is safe and easy to lift, transport and stack.
  • The necessary markings were applied.
Protective packaging for the export of a jeepProtective packaging for the export of a jeepProtective packaging for the export of a jeep

Marking of ISPM 15 wooden export packaging

ISPM 15 wooden transport case for international transport

The cross-country Jeep: safely packed and ready for air freight!

Thanks to the Deufol Brussels Airport packing crew. Thanks to our customer All Freight Logistics!

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How to Pack a... cross country Jeep?

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