How to pack a...?

Welcome to "How to Pack a ...?". The Deufol blog where we show you examples of special packaging. Packaging projects recently completed by Deufol.

We do not show you the largest transport packages, but rather the most interesting packaging projects that we have carried out for our customers as a packaging company.

You get an overview of all the steps in the packaging process. You will learn how to pack something professionally. And which packaging materials and transport boxes are best used. You will learn how a professional packaging company provides the right transport packaging for each type of transport. 

So  you can start packing yourself! Or you can decide to leave it up to us. That is, of course, also possible. 

Have fun reading!

How to pack a...LEGO scale model of a HITACHI EX2000 excavator?

DEUFOL is an expert in packaging industrial goods. We pack machinery, industrial equipment, heavy & oversized freight...But we also regularly pack fun stuff! Like this LEGO scale model of the HITACHI EX2000 excavator. Safely packed for export by air freight.

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How to pack.... in a corrosion-protective seafreight packaging with aluminium foil?

How do you pack material that is sensitive to moisture? Material that you want to protect against corrosion? Read here how Deufol packs it. With aluminium foil and desiccant in an ISPM 15 compliant wooden export crate.

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How to pack a ... Steinway & Sons grand piano?

DEUFOL packed a Steinway & Sons grand piano for air freight. A high-quality and fragile instrument. An extremely careful packing process and a sturdy, very protective export packaging were required. Discover here how we realized this packaging.

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How to pack... Taxidermy: a stuffed boar's head?

Packing a stuffed boar's head for export. There are no crazier packaging jobs out there. In this article you will discover how we safely packed and prepared the stuffed head of a wild boar for export by air freight.

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How to Pack a... cross country Jeep?

An interesting and challenging packaging job. That was the packaging and airfreight of a cross country Jeep. The Polaris cross country Jeep was certainly a unique project. Maybe not the biggest ever but technically it was certainly a challenge. Find out how we did it here!

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How to pack a...?

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