Galvanized transport frame


No suitable transport frame tailored to your product and production.


- A steel frame tailored to (sheet steel) parts.
- Galvanized for a longer lifespan.
- Equipped with erthalon blocks to prevent damage to the products.
- Provided with closures to prevent loss of products.
- Transportable with forklift truck, stackable and easy to secure for external transport.
- Optionally equipped with coupling piece & wheels for internal transport per Milkrun.
- Strength calculation based on product & load possible.
- Designed together with the customer. Then produced in series.


- Space-saving in warehouse and production department.
- Long lifespan.
- Less damage to the products.
- Smooth and safe internal transport.
- Smooth, safe and ergonomic loading and unloading.
- Drawing available, adaptations possible.
- Maintenance and repairs possible.

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Galvanized transport frame

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