Deufol Pack Solution: Dexpack


How to transport your products smoothly, safely and stacked? 


- A steel frame, tailor-made.
- Sturdy, designed for a long lifespan.
- Equipped with rubber floor to stabilize the product and prevent damage.
- Provided with a mechanism to quickly and securely fasten the product.
- Transportable with forklift truck, stackable and easy to secure for external transport.
- Stackable, with or without height adjustment (option).
- Reusable and foldable for empty return transport.
- Optionally equipped with coupling piece & wheels for internal transport per Milkrun.
- Strength calculation based on product & load possible.
- Designed together with the customer. Then produced in series.


- Space saving through stacking, both in warehouse and transport.
- Extra space savings for empty transport due to collapsibility.
- Long lifespan.
- Less damage to the products.
- Smooth and safe transport.
- Quick and ergonomic filling and emptying.
- Drawing available.
- Maintenance and repairs possible.

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Deufol Pack Solution: Dexpack

ConPAL & DS-BOX: Export packaging suitable for sea container stuffing.

Optimize your container stowage with Deufol Conpal & DS-BOX. These OSB boxes are ISPM 15 certified for export, protect your goods during transport and handling. They fit perfectly into a sea container and can be easily stacked and combined for fast and accurate container stowage and warehouse storage.

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Deufol Double Deck

Gain space by stacking non-stackable industrial goods. A wooden base with steel supports. Stackable, foldable and reusable.

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Steel Transport Skid

Steel transport floor tailored to your machine, installation, heavy load. Our design and strength calculation is tailor-made for load and transport.

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Packaging of a steel drum in shrink foil on wooden saddles.

A large steel drum seaworthy packed: In shrink foil and supported by 3 wooden IPPC certified bases. Tailor-made export packaging for product and transport. In the factory at customer Welders.

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Galvanized transport frame

Steel transport frame tailored to your product. Galvanized for long life. Made to prevent damage and failure of product. Stackable and easily transportable. Easy to secure with external transport. Ergonomic, productive and safe. Design available.

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Wooden saddles for transport

Do you need a custom-made transport solution for your round or oval products? Deufol designs and manufactures wooden beds (saddles or cradles) suitable for the transport and storage of your round-shaped goods for which a simple floor is not sufficient. Also for worldwide export.

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