ConPAL & DS-BOX: Export packaging suitable for sea container stuffing.


  • Do you transport products in sea containers?
  • Do you want to use the container space optimally?
  • Do you invest a lot of time in perfect stowage plans? 
  • Do your goods, despite being stowed in the container, arrive damaged at destination?
  • We know your challenges:
  • A large diversity of export packages that need to be fitted into the container.
  • Goods on pallets & boxes that cannot be stacked how you would like it.
  • Your container stowage process looks like a difficult tetris game. 
  • This leads to loss of space and time. Which leads to higher transport and labour costs.
  • You also need to use extra stowage materials and your staff spends more time on the container stowage as you would want them to.
  • And last but not least, despite all your efforts, your goods sometimes still arrive damaged at their destination.

Deufol Conpal & DS-BOX is the solution to improve your container stowage:

OSB box for stuffing sea containerStackable OSB export cratesThe Deufol range of OSB boxes ISPM 15

Our ConPAL container pallets and Deufol DS-BOX system boxes are designed for an easy and efficient modular use in sea containers. With dimensions so they can be easily combined (stacked) and fill the container space almost without gaps. They are designed for safeguarding your goods, easy handling per forklift & storage in racks or stacked on the warehouse floor.

Our ConPAL container pallets and DS-BOX Deufol system boxes are manufactured by us in various sizes and in large quantities and are available at all times. They are ISPM 15 certified and thus perfect for your worldwide supply chain.

ConPAL container pallets and Deufol DS-BOX boxes give you significant load and cost advantages in  your container stuffing and transport.

The ConPAL & DS-BOX benefits:

  • Transport cost savings due to optimal use of container space. 
  • Faster container stuffing: You improve the productivity of container stowage process. So you save on labour costs and transport companies waiting fees.
  • You to make savings on additional stowage material.
  • ConPAL & DS-Box is a range of economical packaging: You save on packaging material cost.
  • Easy warehouse handling & storage. So you save on storage costs.
  • You can count on reliable quality and fast delivery times.
  • Economical with reusable packaging: Use ConPAL and DS-BOX as reusable packaging. Have your customers return them to you and save on the purchase of new packaging materials
  • Reduced procurement effort due to standardized packaging: Our range of ConPAL and DS-BOX in multiple sizes is designed for combined use and perfect fit in sea containers. So it reduces your procurement costs.

Deufol’s ConPAL & DS-BOX range of export packaging is the solution for your box, high cube or open top containers. We optimize your container filling rate.

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ConPAL & DS-BOX: Export packaging suitable for sea container stuffing.

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