Heavy-duty tool trolley. For more demanding work environments!

Managing the tools of your mobile teams.

Easy transportation of all your tools to the construction site. Easy moving on site. Good and safe storage. Finding your tools easily. Without getting stuff lost. That's a challenge! Especially with larger tools that do not fit in a standard tool trolley. And on sites where multiple teams work. Or outside, in all weather conditions.

The solution: the Deufol tool trolley. Mobile. Sturdy. Safe. Ergonomic. Tailor-made for your tools and your staff!

The Deufol tool trolley is a robust tool cart. Spacious and strong. Yet very easy to move and transport. Ideal for heavy-duty work, indoors and outdoors. Customised where necessary to the tools and needs of your mobile teams.

Deufol tool trolley robustDeufol tool trolley robust

The most important features and advantages of the Deufol robust tool trolley:

  • Easy to move with swinging wheels, fitted with a foot brake.
  • Safe and easy lifting with crane and forklift truck.
  • Equipped with lashing points for safe transport by truck.
Deufol tool trolley front
  • Ergonomics and ease of use: accessible from the front, back and top.
  • Large storage capacity for both large and small tools.
  • Organization and overview: room for all your tools, in drawers, trays and compartments.
Deufol tool trolley removable trays + storage material
Electricity connection outside tool trolley
  • Electricity at hand with an electricity cable reel, and sockets inside and outside the tool trolley.
  • Charge your electric tools via the sockets in the tool trolley.
  • Compressed air at hand: multiple compressed air connections and a reel with compressed air line.
Tool trolley with compressed air connections
Deufol tool trolley rain proof
  • Rainproof coating. Perfect for outdoor use and transport by open-topped trucks.
  • Anti-theft: lockable with padlocks and double locking.
  • Safe: CE certified.
  • Personalize your tool trolley: choose your colour!
  • Dimensions: 1226 x 864 x 1387 mm (L x W x H)
  • Suitable for heavy work due to its robust design.
complete tool trolley: spacious, robust, portable, compressed air, electricity, lockable, ... .

Watch the video of the Deufol mobile tool trolley here.

Download here the product presentation:


Improve your work on the job site. With the Deufol robust tool trolley!

Call us: + 32 (0) 11 60 64 00

Mail us: belgium@deufol.com

Heavy-duty tool trolley. For more demanding work environments!

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