Deufol Photo Documentation

Deufol Photo Documentation: automated documentation of process steps, goods flows and transactions through photo records.

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Ensure even greater transparency for processes, flows of goods and transactions through photos. Available at any time, they enable continuous checks & optimization of your supply chain.

  • Is everything accounted for? In good shape?
  • Is it packed according to the requirements?
  • Is the identification OK?...

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Deufol Photo Documentation posibilities & advantages:

  • Complete visual record of all loose parts and relevant packages starting before export.
  • Optimization of processes, elimination of error
  • Live ticker for real-time documentation
  • Notifications from external systems with data keys, extracted information and/or photos.
  • Clear photos, reliable archiving for auditing compliance, ability to preserve a continuous trail of evidence, make auditing compliance easier.
  • Complete documentation means faster evaluation of insurance claims.
  • Significant time savings in Quality Assurance processes, so reduction in costs & opportunity to free up employee resources.
  • Straightforward retrieval via download, PDF or e-mail
  • Share documents with colleagues.
  • Access able from any device (phone, tablet, PC) anywhere.

Manage your global supply chain and projects  with documentation at every point in your processes. From dissassembly over packaging and shipping to assembly!

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Deufol Photo Documentation

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