CPC (Connected Pack Control) - GPS tracking

CPC (Connected Pack Control) - GPS tracking

Continuous monitoring of the physical state of the packaged good at any location at any time via GPRS.

The Deufol real-time tracker is a compact tracking device that monitors temperature, humidity, pressure, shock, movement and the level of light inside the package as well as its GPS position, using built-in sensors. From anywhere in the world, CPC allows you to react quickly and accuratelyas all the data is sent in real time to our accessible web portal. The sensor sensitivity works whether you are shipping via air, land, or sea. The GPS Monitoring System allows you to react instantly at any non-standard incident ensuring your supply chain safety and transparency.

This is how the CPC-tracker works:

  1. CPC device stores all data on SD card
  2. Data transmission via GSM network via SMS to our server* and / or upload of all data stored in the SD-Card
  3. Data retrieval via the CPC portal

*) Data exchange takes place only with existing GSM connection. The data can be uploaded to the Deufol Portal via the integrated SD cards when the package is opened.

or send an email to belgium@deufol.com

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