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Deufol Data Connect System: Digital solutions to optimize your Supply Chain.

A good understanding of and control of your goods flows helps you to improve your supply chain. The Deufol tools give you the necessary information and make your supply chain transparent. You have the necessary information in hand, can respond appropriately and keep the costs under control. This way you take the lead on your competitors.

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Deufol Photo Documentation

Ensure even greater transparency for processes, flows of goods and transactions through photos, with Deufol’s Photo Documentation. One of our most innovative chain of custody monitoring solutions. Photo Documentation gives you a visual record of your supply chain at every step. Your goods flows and transactions are documented using photos. Available at any time, they enable continuous checks & optimization of your supply chain.

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Monitoring of your goods during handling and transport

Monitor your key cargo during transport or handling: Continuously. At any location. At any time. Deufol Connected Pack Control keeps you informed!

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VV (Packaging + Shipping)

This system-independent tool bundles all necessary information relating to loose parts during packaging, loading and transport with maximum transparency.

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LVS (Warehouse Management System)

Transparency from receipt of goods to quality inspection, storage and order picking to issuing of goods.

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MMS (Material Management System)

A tool for procuring, managing and controlling production and packaging material.

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Intelligent CAD software solution for individualized and efficient design of packaging modules.

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A tool for optimal capacity control for production and packaging plants in real time.

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OSL (On-site Logistics)

A system-independent tool for transparent safeguarding of the hand-over process at the end customer facility / assembly point.

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