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THE DEUFOL SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR INDUSTRIAL GOODS Project Cargo Weekly interview with Ralph Mertens and Bo H. Drewsen: Points to consider when packing Project Cargo. Do you like variety in your job? Do you like to work with your hands? Then come work as an industrial goods packer. At Deufol. Working at DEUFOL as a packer. A cool job! In a great company. With great colleagues. Packer - box builder at DEUFOL. What does that mean? Watch the video and learn more about this top job! INDUSTRIAL CARGO PACKAGING & SUPPLY CHAIN. INTRODUCING DEUFOL. Pick and pack of healthcare products.​ ​ The proper export packaging for your industrial goods.​ Packing, labeling & shipping dangerous goods.​ Industrial goods packaging on location. The Deufol approach. Manage your lifting chains with the DEUFOL mobile hoist chain storage rack. Introducing DEUFOL Cheb. New production site for industrial wooden export packaging. Avoid customs blocking your goods due to ISPM 15. With Deufol ConPLY. DEUFOL industrial goods packaging: ISPM 15 wooden skid, VCI moisture protective Foil, shrink Foil. DEUFOL Industrial Goods Packaging. On site. The Deufol Mobile Packaging Teams. Introducing the DEUFOL-Wallmann Terminal @Port of Hamburg. Case study: Heavy and oversized cargo packaging - The 251 tons Siemens compressor. Deufol. Removing Limits. In packaging & supply chain. What does it mean for us? Heavy-duty tool trolley. For more demanding work environments! Novaedes removes its limits en will go further as Deufol Packing 4.0 with Deufol Deufol continues to support #WARR #Hyperloop! Marc Brouwers (Deufol Lier) explains the importance of good packaging Removing Limits with Industry 4.0

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