17 August 2022

Keep in mind the ISPM 15 guideline for wooden packaging material when exporting.

What is ISPM 15?  Deufol ISPM15 certified

The ISPM 15 (International Phytosanitary Measure 15) is a phytosanitary regulation established by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). 

The ISPM 15 regulates the treatment of wood used in the international movement of goods, with the aim of killing organisms such as parasites in the wood. 

Wood used for packaging for international transport, or for stowing (securing) cargo, for example in containers, must be treated phytosanitary. This applies mainly to transport packaging such as export crates and pallets. The treatment is confirmed by means of an ISPM 15 marking on the wood.

The ISPM 15 treatment of packaging wood is done by heat treatment or fumigation with methyl bromide. The latter has been banned in the EU since 2010.

Why ISPM 15?

The ISPM 15 was created to prevent living, harmful organisms from spreading worldwide through wooden packaging material. And thus cause damage on other continents, or even become a pest.

Treating wooden packaging according to ISPM 15 prevents harmful organisms, such as beetles and beetles, from migrating onto pallets, crates or dunnage.

What does ISPM 15 mean for international trade?

ISPM 15 is in force for trade with countries outside the European Union.  Packing wood and dunnage used in trade between the EU and other countries must be in conformity with ISPM15. And carry the IPPC mark confirming this. 

More and more countries are making it compulsory to comply with the requirements of ISPM 15 when importing wood packaging. And the customs authorities monitor the ISPM 15 rules more and more strictly during import checks.

If your cargo in wooden packaging does not meet the ISPM 15 requirements, it can be blocked by customs and returned. With delays and extra costs for you as a result.

What should you do to avoid blocking of your cargo by customs based on ISPM 15?

Make sure that your wooden packaging, pallets and dunnage are ISPM 15 compliant. 

And that this is clearly and correctly indicated on the packaging (by the IPPC mark with the identification of the holder of the ISPM 15 license). 

If you wish, you can supplement this with an ISPM 15 certificate that you include with the shipping documents

ISPM 15 packaging directive marking

What can DEUFOL do for you?

As an international packaging company, DEUFOL is ISPM 15 certified. All Deufol sites that pack goods for export, in Belgium and worldwide, have an ISPM 15 permit with the accompanying internationally known license number. We place this on all the wooden packaging we produce. 

The ISPM 15 licence numbers for Deufol in Belgium and France:

Deufol Paris Airport

ISPM FR-IF.08197

ISPM 15 packaging directive marking Deufol Paris Airport

Deufol Brussels Airport

ISPM BE-103618

ISPM 15 packaging directive marking Deufol Brussels Airport

Deufol Port of Antwerp

ISPM BE-56171

ISPM 15 packaging directive marking Deufol Port of Antwerp

Deufol Lier

ISPM BE-54120

ISPM 15 packaging directive marking Deufol Lier

This way we do not only ensure the perfect packaging for your product. We also work to prevent it from being blocked during a customs inspection for ISPM 15.

Reduce the risk of issues related to ISPM 15. With DEUFOL ConPLY.

Customs controls can sometimes be unexpected and incomprehensibly strict. For customers who want even more security, Deufol has created the ConPLY packaging range. 

Deufol ConPLY packaging made of high-quality material not classified as wood by ISPM 15Deufol ConPLY export crate ISPM 15 compliant

Want to know more about ISPM 15 and its importance for your export?

Call us: +32 (0)3 488 21 92

Mail us: belgium@deufol.com

Keep in mind the ISPM 15 guideline for wooden packaging material when exporting.

The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) measures for importation into Australia and New Zealand.

Are you exporting to Australia and New Zealand? Keep in mind the seasonal measures about the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB). Read more about it here.

12 August 2022

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DEUFOL, world leader in Industrial Packaging & Supply Chain invites you to AntwerpXL 2022. Come and visit our stand G84. AntwerpXL is the ultimate event dedicated to breakbulk, project cargo, RoRo, heavy lift and maritime logistics. Come and talk to us about the challenges and problems in your Packaging & Supply Chain.

1 August 2022

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Tips for a successful industrial move

Are you about to move a machine, a production line, or maybe even an entire factory? Read our tips for a smooth industrial move.

22 July 2022

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DEUFOL and the Agoria Solar Team: sponsorship prolonged and enhanced!

DEUFOL is proud sponsor of the Agoria Solar team since 2017. A team of engineering students who race and win prizes all over the world with a solar car they designed and built themselves! We extend our commitment until the end of 2024. And we are expanding our sponsorship. So that the team can travel around the world in a professional manner.

8 April 2022

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8 tips for shipping large and heavy goods (breakbulk shipments)

Getting your goods at destination undamaged is important. For large and heavy goods, that do not fit into standardized sea containers or trucks (sometimes also reffered to as breakbulk shipments), it can be a challenge. Check out our 8 tips for shipping large and heavy goods here.

9 February 2022

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Packaging materials webshop

You want to pack your goods yourself? Then make sure you use reliable packaging and packaging materials. As from today, you can find these on the DEUFOL WEBSHOP. You will find packaging and packaging materials which we, as professional packaging specialists, use on a daily basis. Pack your goods properly. Order your packaging materials at Deufol!

18 January 2022

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In need of packaging or storage? Deufol remains at your service during the year-end period!

We all need reliable logistics and packaging. All year round. Deufol is at your service. Also during the end-of-year period! Find the Deufol teams in Belgium here. Their address, contact details and opening hours.

16 December 2021

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Deufol builds an additional warehouse in the port of Antwerp.

And we're off! The construction of the additional warehouse on the site of Deufol Port of Antwerp has started! We are building a new warehouse for the storage and packaging of industrial (break-bulk) cargo. With this extension we are increasing our capacity with an extra warehouse of 5,460 m2. A next step in the expansion of Deufol Port of Antwerp, a maritime HUB for consolidation, storage and packaging of industrial goods!

26 October 2021

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DEUFOL is proud to sponsor the Agoria Solar Team 2021-2022!

For the third time in a row, Deufol is sponsor of the Belgian Agoria Solar Team. It's a team of engineering students taking on the challenge to design and produce a 100% solar-powered racing car to take part in international races worldwide. Deufol sponsors by providing the correct transport packaging for the car and all its accessories, as well as the documentation for the transport of the dangerous goods.

5 October 2021

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Case study industrial packaging: ISPM 15 wooden export crate + insulation + electric heating.

Check out: Our case study on industrial packaging: an ISPM 15 compliant wooden export crate for sea transport, with extra insulation and integrated electric heating. To ensure frost-free transport for breakbulk cargo. To Siberia. In wintertime!

9 August 2021

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Case study: Heavy and oversized cargo packaging - The 251 tons Siemens compressor.

One of the heaviest projects ever for DEUFOL. The transport of a 251-ton compressor from Siemens that had to be carried out in one piece. From the packaging phase to the transport, find out here how our specialists handled this project!

6 August 2021

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Deufol Lier, Port of Antwerp and Brussels Airport: SCC (re-)certification!

Congratulations to all colleagues of Deufol Lier, Deufol Port of Antwerp and Deufol Brussels Airport! They passed the audits for the renewal of the SCC certificate with flying colours. Confirmation that Deufol colleagues at the sites of Deufol Lier, Port of Antwerp and Brussels Airport are working in a safe and well organized way. And that the Deufol mobile teams who come to pack at your site do so safely.

7 July 2021

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Deufol Port of Antwerp increases storage capacity: pallet racking for 5,000 additional pallets!

Deufol Port Antwerp moved to its new location at Kaai 414 on the Churchill dock in 2020. Deufol is developing this site into a high-performance and versatile HUB for industrial export packaging and logistics.

21 June 2021

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The Deufol mobile packaging teams. Better equipped than ever. With the Deufol mobile tool trolley!

The Deufol mobile packaging teams work on all kinds of sites and at all kinds of workplaces. Managing tools on site, storing them properly and safely, finding them easily, not losing them... In order to work smoothly and safely. For our customers. For you! That is a challenge! We are now improving it. With the new Deufol mobile tool trolley.

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Case study: industrial relocation. From Belgium to China.

A full fleet of 17 heavy machines, with corresponding peripheral equipment and infrastructure. To be relocated from a factory in Belgium to China. Urgently. That was the challenge our client contacted us for. Read here how Deufol approached it.

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Your industrial Packaging & Supply Chain expert in Poland.

The DEUFOL Group is expanding into Poland, Gdańsk. From spring 2021, we will offer our Packaging & Supply Chain services from this new location. Take a look and find out what we can do for your company!

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BREXIT and the ISPM 15 directive for wooden packaging: what about your exports from the EU to the UK?

After brexit (since 1 January 2021) the ISPM 15 guideline applies for wooden export packaging. How to deal with dunnage and wooden packaging when exporting from the EU to the UK? Read here what you need to do to prevent your cargo to the UK from being blocked.

25 January 2021

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How to choose the correct Industrial Packaging for your product?

Ensuring your goods reach destination in pristine condition is critical. The appropriate packaging is a key factor. Whether you are shipping domestically or overseas. That depends on your product and the transport and storage conditions. Below the questions we ask in order to choose the appropriate packaging solution.

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Avoid customs blocking your goods due to ISPM 15. With Deufol ConPLY.

Pack your export cargo with the DEUFOL ConPLY packaging. An export packaging made of high-quality material and not classified as solid wood. In this way you avoid problems with customs controls based on the ISPM 15 directive.

1 October 2020

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DEUFOL Port of Antwerp moves to Churchilldock, Quay 414

Deufol Port of Antwerp moves to a new location in the port of Antwerp: From 1 June 2020 we will serve you from Churchilldock South, quay 414. At this new site, in the centre of the Breakbulk area in the port, we offer you the full range of Deufol Industrial Packaging and Supply Chain services. To take your Supply Chain to the next level! The 40,000 m² multimodal connected site (Water - Rail - Road) with a 9,000 m2 warehouse is AEO certified.

19 May 2020

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Is Covid-19 also disrupting your supply chain?

Is COVID-19 disrupting your logistics? Do you need (temporary) extra storage for your goods. Do you need logistical support such as storage, stock management, packing and shipping of your products? Deufol can help. In Belgium and worldwide.

22 April 2020

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Over the past 3 weeks, Deufol Waremme distributed more than 20,000 m3 of health products from our EDC to hospitals and pharmacies. A record! THANK YOU to our colleagues who, despite these difficult times, continue to give the best of themselves to guarantee on-time deliveries. Proud that DEUFOL is part of the supply chain to fight the Coronavirus!

24 March 2020

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Deufol moves a high-tech production line from Belgium to the US.

For a customer in the measuring equipment industry, Deufol recently moved a production line from Belgium to the USA. This move was a "turnkey project". The production line had to be delivered to the new location in perfect working order. We took care of everything: Disassembly - Packaging - Transport & Customs - Unpacking and Assembly. Industrial relocation: A Deufol expertise.

3 February 2020

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DEUFOL starts in 2020 in Benelux & France with a DEUFOL SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS TEAM. We train our colleagues so that they are (better) equipped to assist you in analyzing and improving your logistics management. Because DEUFOL is all about a complete packaging and logistics service tailored to your needs!

22 January 2020

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Deufol Saint-Nabord: Inauguration of the warehouse expansion. More than one hectare dedicated to medical devices!

In Saint-Nabord Deufol has expanded its warehouse - the French distribution center for Lohmann & Rauscher - with 3000 m2. A good reason to organize a party!

28 March 2019

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Deufol Export Packaging Engineering workshop

How to design the most suitable export packaging? That is custom work: - Tailored to the transport route: Sea, Air, road? - Tailored to the product: Heavy or light? Big or small? Fragile or robust? Corrosion, temperature or shock sensitive? ... This is what DEUFOL colleagues around the world learn in the DEUFOL BOX ENGINEERING WORKSHOPS. Like today in Belgium.

22 March 2019

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Deufol Technics starts with wooden export packaging

A beautiful picture at Deufol Technics in Houthalen this week: The first wooden export packaging, built and delivered! From now on, in addition to expertise in steel, Deufol in Houthalen is also able to deliver you expertise in Wooden Export packaging, A new step to strengthen our Industrial Packaging Services in the Limburg region!

14 November 2018

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VCA certificate

On the 31st of July, our Deufol Lier and Deufol Port of Antwerp sites received their renewed VCA certificate - after flawless audits! So you can continue to count on our mobile teams, who will deliver safe and qualitative packaging work to you. Want to know more? Contact us via belgium@deufol.com!

13 August 2018

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The Punch II visits Deufol.

The Punch II visits Deufol. Yesterday, the Punch Powertrain Solar Team visited Sponsor Deufol. The ‘Punch II’ racecar (3rd in BRIDGESTONE WORLD SOLAR CHALLENGE 2017!) was presented to the Deufol-staff at our Lier site. In October, Punch II will participate in the CARRERA SOLAR ATACAMA in Chile, the hardest solar car race in the world. Deufol will again provide ‘top notch’ packaging for the ‘top notch’ car and materials. So it gets safely to Chile. Hopefully Punch II will bring home a medal! Thumbs up!

25 July 2018

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Deufol signs the “VIL Sustainable Logistics Charter”!

Deufol strives for economic profitability with respect for people and environment. Because we are responsible for the future generations!

19 July 2018

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Interview with Deufol in the Supply Chain attachment to Trends of 21 June.

A customer who hands over his goods must be able to sleep on both ears. We offer this guarantee. "This is what Ralph Mertens, business development manager at the packaging multinational Deufol, is saying.

21 June 2018

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Discover how Deufol manages your import flows, including products that still contain toxic gases.

Importing goods makes it easy to market your products to your business. Goods receipt, customs clearance, quality checks, (re-) packaging & (re) labeling, storage & shipping to your customers ... it is crucial to do it timely, efficiently and safely.

11 June 2018

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Deufol - Digital Champion 2018

Digital competence, not only as a buzzword or promise, but consistently conceived, developed and programmed and ultimately made available as apps in our own cloud. This is our Deufol Data Connect system that allows you to map your daily business processes digitally and transparently along your value chain.

26 March 2018

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Deufol makes safe packaging for the Siemens racecar on its way to Las Vegas.

By using our expertise, it is clear that Siemens does not want to gamble before arriving in Las Vegas! Deufol wants to thank Siemens for its confidence!

8 November 2017

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The solarcar of the Punch Powertrain Solar Team is ready for shipment!

Deufol Lier not only provided a tailor-made box for transporting the Solarauto, equipment and spare parts, but also ensured that the high-tech batteries can be shipped. With his long experience in the processing, packaging and documentation flows for dangerous goods, Deufol was able to secure the safe shipping of the batteries (which are classified as dangerous goods) by sea and air.

21 August 2017

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