Deufol signs the “VIL Sustainable Logistics Charter”!

Deufol signs the “VIL Sustainable Logistics Charter”!

19 July 2018

Deufol strives for economic profitability with respect for people and environment.
Because we are responsible for the future generations!

That is why Deufol Belgium signed the “VIL Sustainable Logistics Charter”. This is the confirmation and strengthening of our efforts with regard to sustainable entrepreneurship.


We commit ourselves to:

  • Minimize energy consumption and, where possible, use and generate green energy
  • Limit emissions (both for air quality and climate change)
  • Minimize the negative impact of our activities on mobility
  •  Reduce our operations noise & light pollution
  •  Deal with raw materials and waste in a responsible way: Using the right raw materials, minimizing consumption, avoiding waste, and processing the unavoidable waste in the best possible way.

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