Deufol opens 4500 m2 DEUFOL Liège Airport warehouse.

Deufol opens 4500 m2 DEUFOL Liège Airport warehouse.

2 January 2020

Since the beginning of this year, Deufol is also present in Liège. We opened a 4500m2 warehouse there, perfect for distribution logistics and distribution center for import and export flows.

Deufol Liège Airport: Well located with excellent Trimodal connectivity.

The warehouse is quickly and easily accessible by road. We are 1 km from the motorway E42 and
7 km from the E42/E40 interchange to the European hinterland, the port of Antwerp, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom...

Deufol warehouse Liège well located

Within a radius of 5 km we have all cargo handlers at Liége Airport, the largest cargo airport in Belgium. Liége Inland Port is 16 km away, with road, water and rail connections to all major European regions and freight hubs.

Deufol distribution centre close to Liège Airport

DEUFOL Liège Airport. Well-equipped: A warehouse with all the necessary facilities to handle and store your goods reliably.

Deufol well equiped warehouse near Liège Airport

A storage capacity of 3500, soon to be expanded to 6000 pallets. 6 loading bays and a gate at floor level for loading and unloading, the necessary (electrically powered) transport equipment and automatic pallet wrapping installations. Supplemented with underfloor heating, burglar detection and pest control, Deufol Liège Airport is the suitable warehouse for distribution logistics or import/export flows!

Deufol logistics services and WMS Deufol pallet racking storage at Liège Airport

Loading area at Deufol distribution centre Liège Airport

DEUFOL Liège Airport. You're well served: Our services:

Main Supply Chain Services - Operational:

Logistics for palletized & small to medium sized goods:

  • Reception
  • Rack storage
  • Block storage
  • Picking
  • Shipping
  • Distribution Centre Logistics
  • Cross docking
  • Container stripping & stuffing

Value-added services - On request:

  • Spare parts management
  • Repacking - Re-labelling
  • Kitting - straightforward assembly

Services in development:

  • Industrial export packaging
  • Customs clearance
  • Industrial relocation services (disassembly - packaging - transport - reassembly)


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