Deufol moves a high-tech production line from Belgium to the US.

Deufol moves a high-tech production line from Belgium to the US.

3 February 2020

Deufol Houthalen recently moved a production line from Belgium to America for a customer in the measuring instruments sector.

This move was part of a "turnkey project": the production line was handed over in working order and had to be delivered in perfect working order to the new location in the USA.

The project included:

  • Inventory and measurement of the current "as built" situation.
  • Disassembly, mechanical, pneumatic and electrical.
  • Packing in seaworthy (maritime) packaging.
  • Container stuffing including weighing (Verified Gross Mass).
  • Preparation of packing lists and export documents.
  • Sea transport to America.
  • Deufol Monitoring of the cargo during the entire route: Shock, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Position.
  • Assembly and installation, mechanical and electrical including pneumatics.
  • Testing: INPUT/OUTPUT inspection on delivery.

DEUFOL Industrial relocationDEUFOL industrial packaging wooden IPPC certified bottoms skids

Some facts:

  • The dismantled parts of the production line were placed on wooden (IPPC certified) bottoms.
  • Everything was airtight packed in aluminium foil  with desiccant. The whole installation was protected against damage from external influences, as well as against excessive humidity.
  • The entire installation was loaded into 40' sea containers, 8 in total.
  • Disassembly & packaging took 20 days.
  • Transport took 4 weeks.
  • Assembly and delivery took 26 days.
  • We counted 2,000 disassembly/assembly hours.

DEUFOL container stuffing and handlingDEUFOL Industrial relocation wooden IPPC packaging

The advantages for our customer were:

  • 1 Deufol contact person for the entire project.
  • Monitoring of the installation throughout the entire route, using 8 Deufol CPC devices.
  • Fully tailor-made service: What the customer wanted to do, the customer did. Deufol took over what the customer did not want or could not do.
  • Savings in personnel costs, travel & other expenses.
  • Saving time: The customer was able to restart the production line at very short notice. And thus start production.
  • A satisfied customer... because the next machine relocation has already been ordered!

Do you also have a machine or production line to move? Then don't hesitate: Deufol is a reliable partner, with the necessary expertise and a worldwide network. Rely on us for your next project!

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