Deufol Export Packaging Engineering workshop

Deufol Export Packaging Engineering workshop

22 March 2019

Deufol Export Packaging Engineering workshop

Deufol Packaging Engineering Workshop

How to design te most appropriate export packaging?

Is your product expensive or essential in a project? Then it is very important that it arrives at its destination undamaged. The correct packaging is then essential. This requires customized work:

- Tailored to the transport route: Is transport by sea, air, road or rail?
- Customized for the product: Is it heavy or light? Big or small? Maybe too big for a sea container or normal truck? Fragile or robust? is protection against moisture and corrosion needed? Is the product temperature or shock sensitive?

This is what DEUFOL colleagues around the world learn in the DEUFOL BOX ENGINEERING WORKSHOPS. Like today in Belgium. Experiences are shared, codes of good practice are drawn up and the participants learn to work with the Deufol BOXCAD software. With this they design the right export packaging for every situation.

Deufol BOX CAD Packaging Engineering Software

That's Deufol. Packaging. Next Level. Deufol Export Packaging. Next Level.

Do you need the proper export packaging for your product? Do you want to deliver your machine in perfect condition to your customer or your project site? Count on Deufol. We will take care of it.

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