Deufol Double deck

Deufol Double deck


How to stack non-stackable industrial goods? IN order to gain space, and thus save costs, during transportation and storage?

Solution: Deufol Double Deck

- Optimize your use of space by stacking your goods in a Deufol Double deck: An assembly of a wooden floor and a set of steel, galvanized supports.
- A wooden bottom tailored to your products and transport. Either by road, rail, water or air.
- Steel galvanized supports, long lifespan.
- Sufficiently sturdy for stacking your goods. We make a strength calculation if necessary.
- In option: steel supports that are adjustable in height.
- The supports are collapsible and reusable. Empty return transport, whether or not together with the wooden bottom, is advantageous in this way.
- The supports can be quickly and easily mounted on the wooden floor.
- Perfect for loads of various non-stackable industrial products, that in this way can be transported stacked. A for goods which do not have to be packed in a complete wooden box.


- Stackability takes place and you thus save on transport costs and storage costs.
- Savings on material costs compared to standard solutions such as a wooden box or full steel frame.
- Saving through reusability.
- Easy to assemble, and the folding makes it easy and cheap to transport empty.

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