COVID-19 durable safety screen

COVID-19 durable safety screen

Protect your staff, students, visitors & customers against virus infection. 

For the long term. Use Deufol's Sustainable Safety Screen. 

Use high quality Deufol protection screens to protect people from Corona virus infection through droplets in the air.Use our standalone screens for receptions, sales counters, classrooms, meeting rooms, restaurants and other work environments: 

  • Durable safety glass, scratch-resistant and resistant to all cleaning agents, in a wooden frame. Better than Plexi!
  • Space underneath the screen for passing items (e.g. documents,...).
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Produced in Belgium. 

protection screen covid

Our standard screen: 

  • Window of 100 x 50 cm (total dimensions 107 x 70 x 40 cm).
  • € 94,45 /st. (ex works Deufol Lier)
  • Fast delivery! 

Do you need a different size or model? We'll make it according to your needs! 

Contact our colleagues at Deufol Lier via or on tel. +32 3 488 21 92.


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