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Surveys & inspections

Absolute certainty

A thorough inspection of the inbound cargo, i.e. of the packing and the condition of the goods, and a complete follow-up to this, is absolutely necessary. The packing material and the packing methods have to be adapted to the specific requirements of the goods, the mode of transport and the customer.


Novaedes is well placed to assist with surveys of your packed cargo and assist your 3rd party inspectors.


Novaedes can assist on your behalf during surveys of your (possibly damaged) packing in the warehouse, port, on your premises or anywhere on route. 

We look after your cargo as if it was our own.  Our expertise guarantees an objective and detailed review of the possible damage to the packing or goods.  We then draw up a detailed and documented report of these findings (condition of the packing, goods, etc.).

If requested and accepted by the insurance we can open and repair boxes if a detailed investigation is not possible from the outside.  When protective foils are opened during the inspection we take care of the replacement of desiccant and close all types of foils properly.  In case of  severe damage, complete new protective packing can be designed and offered.



When 3rd party inspections have to be carried out we are available for assistance.  

More and more destinations require 3rd party inspections and we are well known by most inspection companies. When you consolidate your projects in our warehouses, multiple inspections can be planned at the same time, resulting in cost savings.

A well known concept is “open box inspection,” but when goods arrive already packed boxes they will need to be opened and professionally closed again after inspection.  We can assist your inspector at any time. At the same time it may also be necessary to take care of conservation.  

Safe handling can be provided for heavy parts.