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About Deufol

Deufol is an independent and privately owned export packer that offers a wide range of tailor-made logistics services for worldwide consignments by air, sea, road and rail in order to ensure that the cargo arrives in perfect condition. Our independence gives us freedom of action with all stakeholders in the supply chain and enables us to offer appropriate services at the right price with the most experienced partners.

Do you need to transport special cargo for which you need adapted packing? Then we can provide you with the right, tailor-made solution, from door to door, thanks to our know-how and our craftsmanship. Moreover you can count on our logistics services to ensure everything goes smoothly so that your cargo arrives safely and on time at the destination of your choice. 

Perfection in protection, that is our motto.


Corporate values

Our 5 corporate values guide us day-to-day in everything we do. These values underlie our entire approach: customer oriented, professionalism, excellence, team spirit and personal development.

Customer oriented: We make our customers a primary focus of our actions.

• We actively seek information to help us understand customers’ circumstances, problems, needs and expectations

• We educate our customers by sharing information with them, helping to build an understanding of Novaedes’ capabilities

• Customers’ information is shared in a transparent way within our organization

Professionalism:  We are competent and responsible.  

• We have the specialized knowledge needed to succeed in our business

• We master our know-how and keep it up to date.

• We get the job done as agreed with our customers

Excellence: We are ambitious and demanding.

• We aim to make no mistakes

• We detect anomalies and help find solutions.  

• We are committed to improvement.

Team spirit: We are convinced that strong team is always greater than the sum of individual efforts.

. Everyone is able to express themselves and we accept differences

. We listen to each other and discuss in an open and transparent way.

Personal development:  We are committed to developing our talents and skills in a work environment where

• Everyone can express themselves

• Everyone can use and develop their talents and competences

 • Initiative, on behalf of the team or company, is recognized